27 set 2010

Chestnut (Castanea sativa): a Multipurpose European Tree

"Chestnut (Castanea sativa): a Multipurpose European Tree”
Bruxelles, 30 September 2010

University of Florence (Faculty of Agriculture)
University of Pisa (Faculty of Agriculture)
Chestnut Study and Documentation Centre (Marradi-Florence)
European Chestnut Network (Florence)
Initiative granted by: Regione Toscana
D & V Ltd. (Georgia)

Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali, Regione Toscana, Accademia dei Georgofili, Associazione Nazionale Città del Castagno, Associazione Farina di Neccio della Garfagnana DOP, Associazione per la Valorizzazione della Castagna del Monte Amiata IGP, Consorzio di Promozione e Tutela del Marrone del Mugello IGP
Regione Toscana – Rond Point Schuman, 14 - 1040 Bruxelles (8th floor)

MORNING SESSION (9.00-12.30)
Registration: 8.30-9.15
Reports (max 20 minutes each): 9.15-12.30
Chairman: Michele PASCA - RAYMONDO (President of Accademia dei Georgofili, Sez. Intern. Bruxelles)
Speakers and Co-Authors:
Welcome speech: ON. Herbert DORFMANN (Member of the European Parliament)
Welcome speech: Papuna KHACHIDZE (Chairman of Forest Department, Minister of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia)
1) “Castanea sativa: the European Tree” (Marco CONEDERA)
2) “Multifunctionality of European Chestnut Trees” (Ioan Vasile ABRUDAN; Francesco FERRINI; Elvio BELLINI)
3) “Pathogens and Parasites of Chestnut in Europe” (Stephanos DIAMANDIS, Alberto ALMA, Giovanni VANNACCI)
4) “Sustainable Orchards/Chestnut Forests Management” (Lorenzo SANTIAGO PEREIRA, Werner MAURER, Volker BOUFFIER, Ernst SEGATZ)
5) “Enhancement of the Chestnut Fruit Production and Exploitation” (Armindo Aires Afonso MARTINS)
6) “Enhancement of Timber Production”(Jean LEMAIRE, Marco TOGNI, Marco FIORAVANTI)
7) “Economic Aspects and Effects of Castanea sativa in Europe: the Current Situation and its Potentiality” (Luciano TRENTINI, Stefano SANTARELLI)
8) “Chestnut Fruits: Nutritional Value and New Products” (Laura DI RENZO, Alessia BIANCHI, Antonio DE LORENZO)
12.30: Buffet with chestnut-based products
Round-table: “The Future of European Chestnut Trees”
Chairman: Massimo BURIONI (Aggregate member of the Accademia dei Georgofili and EC DG Research- Officer - Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Aquaculture)

 Ernst U. SCHULTE (EU Commission, DG ENV. B1 - Head of Forest Sector European Commission)
 Roland BECK (EU Commission, DG AGRI Unit H.4 Bioenergy, biomass, forestry, climate change)
 Gullermo CARDON (EU Commission, DG SANCO, Directorate E -Safety of the food chain, Unit E7 - Plant health)
 High level experts in the field of chestnut tree (Speakers and Co-Authors of the morning session)

The workshop has two aims:
1) Promote chestnut growing in Europe through an open debate between high level EU experts in the field of chestnut and representatives of the competent European Commission DGs (Research, Sanco, Env, Agri)
2) Realize a final document which will outline main problems affecting Chestnut in Europe and will identify priority issues in forest/orchard management and protection from pathogens and parasites, to improve Chestnut products and expand Chestnut marketing perspectives.
Workshop Secretariat:
Stefano Santarelli
Studio Tecnico Casati Santarelli
Viale della Repubblica 68, 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)
phone +390558455046
mobile +39335334460